Professional exchange in Debrecen, Hungary

Each year around 40 students come to Debrecen for their professional exchange, and our program is successful for a good reason.
During the 1 month exchange period our incoming students live in a student hostel, which is localized right in the campus of the University of Debrecen Medical and Health Science Center. That means every department is in the same area, so it takes only a 10 minute walk to reach each hospital. 
The rooms are 3 bedded, and each one has its own bathroom and a little kitchen with a fridge. 
In this building there is also a canteen, where we (as written in the exchange conditions) provide lunch every weekday.

As mentioned in the exchange conditions, students have to spend 5 hours/day in the hospital on weekdays. During the exchange everyone has a tutor who is going to supervise the clerkship. It is a university clinic, so incoming students may meet local students in the hospital as well.

In summer season, we offer a great social program for our incoming students. This includes trips to the most famous and interesting places of Hungary during the weekends, special themed parties on weekdays, and various other programs. 
Of course we don’t let those students get bored either, who come in other months of the season. ;)

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If you want to know what it is really like to be in Debrecen, come to us for your professional exchange, have a wonderful month, meet new friends and collect lifelong memories!


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