For Incoming Sdutents


A little bit about Hungary <3

Experiences from our incoming students:

For the next incoming students I wish they have as much of a great time as I did! I think it won't be hard with such great contact persons!  The social programme was off the charts, I think they did a great job making us feel comfortable and welcome. Budapest and Hungary in general are very beautiful and picturesque, I think you can't help falling in love with the country. I can't think of any way you could have made this experience even better, it was perfect anyway!
I was at the GOKI cardiological clinic. It wasn't a university clinic so I didn't get to see any other students, and the doctors weren't teachers but they tried their best to explain how things worked and were quite friendly. However, being a second year student with no clinical experience I would recommend working at a lab instead of a clinic. It wasn't bad but I felt I could have offered more in research.